Nutritional supplements for kids specially designed and developed for kids

Do you know what does Egao mean?

Egao means “smile” in Japanese.
The reflection of enjoying life.
The sensation of feeling good.

¡Egao Kids, an extra care for children!

Contributing to complement the nutritional need of children.

During the first years of a child’s life, the experimented growth and development is faster than in any other moment of their lives.

That’s why, at Ciconea, we have developed a specialised line of products with carefully selected ingredients to solve any need children may have.

Containing probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals. Food supplements for breastfed babies, supplements for immune system and food supplements to support health and well-being.

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Do you want to know more about your children’s nutrition?

Vitamina D en niños

Vitamin D in children

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