Egao Women Flora Probiotics

Food Supplement based on Lactobacillus, inulin, vitamin B₆ and selenium.

Egao Women Flora Probiotics is a symbiotic food supplement (mix of probiotics and prebiotics) developed to promote the intimate flora equilibrium.


The vaginal flora is mainly composed by lactobacilli, that promote a balanced microbiota ecosystem. These lactobacilli are beneficial bacteria related with a protective function against the growth of pathogen bacteria.

Flora balance can be disturbed due to different reasons such as pregnancy or antibiotics treatment. The usage of oral lactobacilli can colonize the intestine and the vagina, contributing to reset the intestinal and vaginal flora equilibrium.

Egao Women Flora Probiotics is a food supplement with probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus y Limosilactobacillus reuteri), selenium, inulin and vitamin B₆.

Vitamin B₆ and Selenium contribute to one’s health and wellbeing. They also support the normal functioning of the immune system. Furthermore, vitamin B₆ helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, the normal formation of red blood cells, and to regulate hormonal activity. Selenium contributes to normal thyroid function, to the protection of cells against oxidative damage and to the maintenance of normal hair and nails.

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