Having a child is an enormous satisfaction, a joy that is impossible to understand until you experience it yourself. But it is also a new responsibility that you will soon be aware of: as soon as you have to deal with the newborn’s paperwork

Formalities when a child is born can be a heavy burden, even a hell of a mess because of the difficulty of finding all the necessary information. 

But don’t worry, it’s simpler than it looks. In this article, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about paperwork after the child is born – take note!


Registration in the civil registry

Please, note that this procedure must be carried out within 10 days of the baby’s birth. Here you can check the location of your nearest register. 

What will you need?

Parents’ ID card, medical report of birth (yellow paper), and the family book. 


Registration of the baby

It’s a relatively simple procedure. Remember to ask for several copies, as you will need them at least to apply for the health card and to register with the social security. 

What will you need?

The ID of one of the parents and the family book. 


Social security registration

To register the new family member as a beneficiary on the card of one of the parents, you will have to go to the nearest INSS Care Office. It is also possible to do this online

What will you need?

The family book, the social security card of the chosen parent, the health card of that parent, and the baby’s membership form, which can be obtained from the office. 


Application for the health card

This procedure is carried out in your usual health center, which may or may not be the closest to the family’s home. In addition to obtaining the health card, the baby will be assigned a pediatrician during the same visit. 

What will you need?

The family book, the registration certificate, the social security affiliation form, and the application form for the health card, which can be obtained at the health center itself. 


Maternity and paternity leave

This procedure can be carried out in person at the National Social Security Institute’s CAISS centers or over the Internet by using the same link we shared previously. 

What will you need?

The DNI, the family book, the company certificate informing of the leave, the medical leave – in the case of the mother – or the certificate of registration of the baby – in the case of the father – the application form and the model 145, which you can obtain in the same office. 


Tax deduction

Working mothers with children under the age of 3 are entitled to claim a deduction of 100 euros per month on their tax return. 

Besides, we recommend that you investigate whether your local council or autonomous community offers any help after the birth of a child. 

What will you need?

The mother’s ID card, the family book, the social security number, your bank account number, and the application form, which can be obtained on-site


As you can see, newborn paperwork can be tedious, but not at all as horrible as it is often painted. In a couple of days, you can get it sorted out and get back to enjoying your baby 24 hours a day. Come on!

newborn paperwork


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