There is no adventure more wonderful, exciting, and transformative than bringing a new life into the world. When a baby is born, you take on the greatest responsibility in the world, but also many other things that will give meaning to all the sacrifices you make. If you’re nervous or restless, don’t worry, it’s completely normal. No one is born taught to be a mom or dad, but you’re sure to do great!

Yes, it’s true, your life as a couple will not be the same as before. A baby changes many things from the moment he becomes the center of everything. However, with organization, patience, complicity, and a lot of love, it is more than possible to keep social and family relationships intact. You just have to adapt them to the situation!


Things that change when you have a baby

Some of the changes that many new parents experience when they start living with their new baby are:


You’ll see the children differently

You will learn to be much more empathetic to all the children you meet, including their parents. Seeing a child suffer will affect you differently because you will see reflected in him what you want most in the world.


You will understand your parents more than ever

Who hasn’t been angry with their parents for their insistence on taking care of us, controlling us, and helping us at all times?

This concern, which seemed excessive to you and at times has come to despair, it will become the most understandable thing in the world.


You will feel indescribable emotions

I’m sure you’ve been told on more than one occasion: motherhood/paternity is a roller coaster of incredible emotions, difficult to understand for those who haven’t lived them, but at the same time so rewarding that there are no words to describe them. From your first step to your first day at school, each new step you take in your life will move you more than any of your accomplishments.


You will have a priority

Work? Meeting friends? Learning a new language or playing an instrument?

Many times, all these things take a back seat during the early stages of a baby’s life. Don’t worry, life is very long and you will be able to continue to enjoy it all later on. Having a baby is a blessing, so enjoy it, learn, discover, get to know your little one and teach them all those things you consider important to them.


You will learn to value your time

Especially during the first months of your baby’s life, your time will be considerably reduced so we advise you to enjoy the little time you have for yourself, to try to overlap your schedule with that of your baby as much as possible and to live this time as a period of continuous learning.


You will acquire new skills

You’ll feel able to deal with anything to protect your baby. A mother/father is capable of anything to do so, but that is something you will only fully understand when the time comes.


You will learn a new language

A babble, a cry, or a look. Your instinct (and experience) will help you understand what your baby needs at any given moment without the need to articulate any words because being a parent means that you know your baby better than anyone else.

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